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Winds From Afar

Robin Hood’s Bay, UK (by Osgoldcross Photography)

Waska Tatay
A photo documentary of the rites and rituals of the Bolivian Altiplano.
Available here.

Colmar, France (by Zaffiro&Acciaio: Marco Ferrari)

“My name is Molly. I’m 36, single, live in Brooklyn, and work in publishing. I love gloomy Victorian novels, obscure Korean horror films, Premier League soccer, and knitting. I’m 5-foot-5, slim, with brown hair and brown eyes. I am looking for a serious relationship. I suffer from mental illness.”

That dating profile is going to get me nowhere.


I am not ashamed of my condition. Or not exactly. I think there is still a lot more stigma than we admit, and every joke someone cracks about being “so OCD” makes it harder to explain that while you all think you’re totally cool with me being obsessive-compulsive, it’s a lot more than lining up pencils and touching the light switch… I have no qualms about someone seeing my cellulite, but I am afraid of him seeing my self-inflicted scars.


Molly Pohlig's brave, moving essay on dating with mental illness

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(via The Dish)


Trier Cathedral, Germany (by destinatio)