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    Harry , 23, Paris

    Tee: H&M

    Wear: African jewelry

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    Manarola, Italy | guerelsahin

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  • cutefemme:

    Forgive yourself. You are not your past, you are not what happened to you. It’s okay. You can live.

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  • itscolossal:

    A typographic experiment using cyanotype Sun Paper by Jill De Haan

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  • "There is no language in itself, nor are there any linguistic universals, only a throng of dialects, patois, viperslangs, and specialized languages. There is no ideal speaker-listener, any more than there is a homogeneous linguistic community. Language is, in Weinreich’s words, “an essentially heterogeneous reality.” There is no mother tongue, only a power takeover by a dominant language within political multiplicity. Language stabilizes around a parish, a bishopric, a capital. It forms a bulb. It evolves by subterranean stems and flows, along river valleys or train tracks; it spreads like a patch of oil."
    Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (via heteroglossia)

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  • thelifeguardlibrarian:

    Some of you might know that I moved to San Francisco recently. Two days ago, really. My lease in Chicago was ending at the end of August so in early July I had to decide whether good stuff in my personal life warranted big professional risk, i.e. unemployment. I decided it did, and submitted my…

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    Black Fatherhood Excellence




    This is everything. 

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    Ferguson Man Forms an Inspiring Team with Cop Watchers to Hold Police Accountable [Video:]

    Black excellence.

    More indepth info about this project:

    I know gofundme has fucked shit up, but it seems like this project is about 700 away from its second goal of clip on cameras for residents

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